A Magical adventure in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale.

Each Saturday in July, 2024 @ Hyatt Place Old Town

Journey begins at 6:30pm, Show starts @ 7pm

"A Tainted Mind" is a Family Friendly show 

This show is THE ultimate Close up, Intimate Magical Experience! 

I Believe Magic triggers wonder. Wonder triggers evolution. And Evolution is essential to the human condition. It is this chain of understanding that is at the heart of my magic.

My job as a magician is to introduce you to the journey, be your guide on that journey, and then deliver you back home safe… changed, but safe.  

Keep in mind, my job is NOT to tell you what the change is, but merely create the opportunity for you to experience WONDER within the magic.

And my show, A Tainted Mind is created each night for that specific purpose. There is always Mystery, Magic, and a potential for some wild adventures of the mind…

Do you feel called to join our journey?  

Seating is limited so join the adventure now...

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